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Social Media Charter

Social media has come a very long way in a few short years. Whilst it is easy to become caught up in all the negative aspects, we must also accept that social media can be used in extraordinarily positive ways.

We recognise that many parents and the school community are using social media which can provide a quick, free and easy way to receive information and complement our other school communications, e.g. website, school newsletters.

Our school is committed to engaging with you as much as we possibly can to share information about the school and to celebrate the achievements and successes of our pupils, and therefore we will be using social media (Twitter) to achieve this.

Our twitter account : @heasandford

Use of social media by the school

  • The service will be used as a one-way communication tool, much like a newsletter, in order to celebrate the successes of the school and the pupils, and to highlight relevant and useful information.
  • The service will only be used by those staff who are appropriately trained and approved in school.
  • Social media accounts will be monitored and moderated.
  • The right of privacy will be respected. We will only publish photographs/videos of pupils where permission has been granted by the parent/carer.
  • Statutory data protection principles and safeguarding requirements will be adhered to at all times. No personal details (e.g. name, age and other personally identifiable information) of a pupil will be shared. We will not allow any person to be ‘tagged’ (a way of naming a person in an image/video).
  • The terms and conditions of most social media requires users to be at least 13 years of age. We will not knowingly use social media to communicate with any pupils and will report any users we identify being under 13 to parents in the first instance.
  • Comments will be allowed and we respect your right to opinion, however we will operate a zero-tolerance approach to any comment that is derogatory or inflammatory, that names individuals connected with the school (e.g. staff, governors, pupils) or brings the good reputation of the school into question.  Any complaints or concerns should be raised with the school by letter, telephone or in person at the school.
  • We reserve the right to delete any comments of this nature and, in extreme circumstances, to take further action if necessary.

This charter will be continually reviewed; any changes or amendments will be communicated. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.