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All staff at Heasandford Primary School are keen to promote good behaviour in and around our school.  Both staff and pupils work hard to create a positive and happy environment in which all pupils can learn and make good progress; where children feel valued and their efforts are recognised.


In school, the teachers are always pleased to recognise and reward good behaviour. Pupils receive instant “merit points” for good behaviour or learning. Each class also has a reward system, whereby children who behave well all week are given recognition, and they have a special session on Friday afternoons to enjoy some fun activities! They are also given certificates and badges from the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for outstanding work or effort.


Good behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes is recognised through a raffle ticket  system which is celebrated in departmental assemblies.


The school also offers a “buddy scheme”, where older children play with the younger children over lunch breaks etc., trying to ensure that the children are playing well together by organising playground games with them.


Children with a problem are encouraged to share their concerns / worries through 'butterfly boxes' which are situated around school and are dealt with by the Inclusion Team.