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W/E 12/07/24

Class F-196%
Class F-294.33%
Class F-394.67%
Class 1-197%
Class 1-298.28%
Class 1-396.5%
Class 2-188%
Class 2-288.67%
Class 2-395.56%
Class 3-196.67%
Class 3-285.33%
Class 3-394%
Class 4-194.33%
Class 4-292.9%
Class 4-393.33%
Class 5-194.69%
Class 5-295.81%
Class 5-396.77%
Class 6-191%
Class 6-291.61%
Class 6-3







There is no automatic entitlement to any leave during term time therefore as parents you MUST seek school’s permission before taking your child out of school. Parents MUST fill in a leave request form at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to booking any holiday. You will also be required to attend a meeting in school with a senior leader to discuss the request further. If you chose to take your child on holiday during term time without written request and/or permission, you WILL be issued with a penalty notice. We are also currently taking part in a pilot scheme which will enable school to prosecute if leave is equal to or exceeds 15 school days.